Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Quality of Life Improvement 2: some good time on the couch

Our family and friends may listen to our tales of woe but sometimes an expert's training is necessary, and the experts do not come any finer than Dr. Clare Rountree.

Many—indeed most—psychotherapists are able to milk their clients' teenage angst or familial frustrations indefinitely; it's just good business and though we may not be much, we're all we think about.

The Hawaiian Sybarite has determined that most psychotherapists are businesspeople first and problem-solvers second, if ever. Bearing that in mind, an introduction to Dr. Rountree comes as completely surprising because, in her, a person finds a rare example of a therapist that is actually a professional practicing their craft with skill and care and integrity.

Maybe your mother gave you sponge-baths until you were 17 or maybe when you were a child you had acne and braces but no friends or future or maybe even still you're a sad tomato (boo-hoo)—no matter.

Have a sit and let it all out. Nothing is intractable. You could be much worse off.

You could be Amy Winehouse or Pete Doherty.

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